Don’t believe in anything when you hit Arcadia? Well you better or you’ll never get far from the gate before the rabbits and the roses conspire to strangle you.

The balance of Law and Order on this plane is no more on display than in its grandest feature: The Orb of Day and Night. This orb takes up almost all of the sky leaving only the faintest of blue around the edge.

In comparison to the orbs size, the tallest mountain (The Fulcrum) which leads close enough to the orb to touch it, seems nothing but a thin needle. Around the mountain is a vast but supremely ordered forest. Each tree is perfectly in line with its neighbors and perfectly spaced so as to allow an exact amount of light.

From the Fulcrum radiates four rivers which divide the plane into four parts. The next largest feature within each of these four corners is a tower of a weather king or queen (cloud, wind, rain, lightning). While the weather can be varied, it happens equally to all corners of the plane, and lasts for four days after which there is four days of calm before a new weather pattern starts again.

Each of these quadrants is gridded with numerous towns all laid out in a balanced, even sided geometric shapes. Each towns life is centered on the laws, oaths, rituals, and customs that govern it.

Rurga created this realm and therefore THE LAW is god and THE LAW is good!

Rules of Arcadia:

1. Wild/ Illusion Magic will not work (Chaos or Void either)
2. Sorcerer’s will have to work extra hard to manifest power (Double Sorcery point cost)
3. Necromancer’s can only interact with the dead if its for a good purpose.
4. Actions that affect multiple targets, must have effects on an even number of targets.
5. Warlocks, ironically, who have true pacts or bargains will have their magic work fine but their obligations will immediately be known by the Harmonium.
6. Except for natural “1’s”, all number resulting in “odd” after all mods are re-rolled when they are against Arcadian Natives.
7. Lawful good/neutral beings will always be successful at hunting or gathering provided they are seeking game, water, and food for themselves and others. Chaotic and evil beings will never be successful at hunting, gathering, or finding water- they instead will walk an endless maze of trees with no fruit.
8. All lawful beings leading a party will be able to guide everyone to their destination with no problem. Chaotic/ Evil beings will find themselves in circles all spiraling strangely toward the Fulcrum.


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