Logan Ninefingers

Human Male Wizard


A very muscular older man with a bald head and goatee. He has a superior air to him (born leader).

Leader of S.H.A.R.T


Met with the players for the first time at the Yawning Portal where it was revealed that he had hired the characters to deliver the mysterious box originally to be delivered by Lilya Haldenfrond.

He sent the characters on a test in the form of a adventure into an ancient dwarf stronghold under the The Stone Tooth to retrieve an orb that is suppose to unlock the delivered box. He has promised that if the party returns with the orb he will show them whats in the box and that his organization will have an offer for the adventurers.

He also makes mention to an Oracle numerous times, even telling the party where to find the person that will replace Basalt ’The Gray in there group.

Logan Ninefingers

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