Sigil's Holy Armageddon Response Team

Bandit's Nest
Session 2
Still Life with Crows
Session 1

After Speaking with Guildan Haldenfrond the party find out that he is offering a 50 gold reward, a life changing amount of money, when you consider the parties current situation, for the safe return of his daughter, Lilya Haldenfrond.

The party is informed that Lilya Haldenfrond was delivering a locked box for her father to a buyer in the capital of Nolan Cobb. Lilya was accompanied by four guards on her journey.

Guildan received word from some people travelling through Oallhelm that they had seen an abandoned cart on the side of the road in a forest two days North of Oallhelm. The travelers also reported finding the bodies of four males near the cart.

Guildan believes that these were the guards that were set to accompany his daughter, and since a female body was not found, that the unknown attackers must have kidnapped his daughter due to her obviously higher station.

After deciding to undertake Guildans quest, the party heads North along the main path out of town to find the abandoned cart hoping to find more clues.

After two day of uneventful travel the party come upon the reported cart and dead bodies. While investigating the area the characters are ambushed by a group of four Bird men, also known as KenKu. After quickly dispensing of the threat the party is able to find a hidden path, apparently used by the KenKu, that leads into the heart of the forest.

After following the path for a while the party notices a set of structures up ahead. On their way to these structures the Rogue Thicket stumbles upon a pit fall trap causing him to fall twenty feet to the bottom.

Unbeknownst to the party, while helping their clumsy friend Thicket free of the pit, a hidden KenKu Scout sneaks past them and informs his fellow bandits about the incoming intruders.

After freeing their comrade the party heads to what turns out to be the ruins of an ancient temple to Alairros consisting of seven buildings and a number of statues circling an open courtyard. The whole area is dimly lit by torches hanging outside of the buildings.

For some unknown reason to the rest of the party, and to me, Thicket decided to stealth to one of the torches near the first building in an attempt to put it out. As soon as Thicket extinguished the light, the five Kenku warriors and one Kenku Crowspeaker that had been hiding behind the statues after being warned by their scout, attacked along with a magically controlled swarm of ravens. The attackers immediately knocked Thicket unconscious which triggered a fight between them and the rest of the adventurers.

While the adventurers were able to subdue their attackers, it was not fast enough for Thicket as he had succumbed to his injuries before the rest of the party was able to administer any type of first aid.

The party decides to then retreat into the forest so they can bury their lost friend and take a rest to recover from their wounds. Being consistent the adventurers unluckily have a raiding party of KenKu fall upon them while attempting to rest. The party narrowly survives the ordeal before finally getting a full nights rest, with plans to return to the ruins in the morning.

Amazingly the party has already managed to lose one of its members in the short time i have been chronicling their actions. Even though this loss of life was mainly due to the questionable actions and obvious lack of skill of the victim, i still find my self continuing to question why i have been given this task. As the party sleeps, i lay awake contemplating how I must of angered the leaders of my order…….

~The Chronicler~

The Forming of a Group

In the beginning when I was assigned to watch a certain group of people, I was confused. I could not understand why such a seemingly ordinary group of adventurers would be of such importance. But soon I would come to understand that even great things have to start somewhere. Even if that somewhere is a little podunk town like Oallhelm.

The forming of our band of merry adventurers started in the most mundane of ways. They were simply hired individually by a Gnome named Bartholamu Higglefits (Aka Mr. Higglefits, Aka B.H), who is the head of the Pawn Masters guild “Rits and Frits”.

Basalt ’The Gray and Rycore were hired as the muscle. Two brothers from the Northern Mountains known for their combat prowess if not their personailties.

Thicket hired for his knack to get into places most cannot, and for his uncanny ability to obtain items that do not belong to him.

Gimble, a most unusual creature with a more unusual personality, who brings a number of different abilities one could find useful in a pinch.

And Krieger Ironfoot the Wizard. Its always nice to have a Mage on retainer.

Everything was going great, until one day Bartholamu sent his best adventurers to obtain a specific set of items for him that were rumored to be in a set of ruins, deep inside a large cavern.

When the Adventurers returned with only some of the items Mr Higglefits was looking for, he was furious.

mortals can be so fickle sometimes. How somebody can get so mad about not being able to find items from legend or rumour is beyond me. More than likely the items never existed in the first place, but I digress.

B.H believed that the party was double crossing him and were keeping the items for themselves.

In truth they just didn’t find what they were looking for.

B.H sent his goons after the party, who promptly stripped the characters of most of their money before they were able to escape.

After a full day of chase the goons finally gave up on the party. While the Adventurers were now safe from their would be attackers, it did not change the fact that they really had no where to go and had little to no supplies or money left.

In desperate need of Money and new supplies the party learned of a man named Guildan Haldenfrond currently located in the town of Oallhelm looking for people with certain skills to rescue his daughter who he believes has been kidnapped.

Our Story starts with the Party just having arrived in Oallhelm looking to find Guildan Haldenfrond

~The Chronicler~


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