In the beginning there was only the gods, the 18 divine beings that started it all.

They started with Thesa, the first world, a collaboration of all the gods. Creating a world in the image of all 18 gods was no simple task, but what came next proved that these so called divine beings are far from perfect.

After creating Thesa, the gods decided to create the first creature to inhabit that world. The First was to be a supremely powerful being, a combination of all the gods. The gods created what is now known as an essence of the gods, a being created by a god transferring a part of his essence into a vessel. This is how the First was created, but instead of the essence of one god he was created with the essences of all gods. This was the first and last time this was attempted.

The First was tasked with inhabiting Thesa with mortal beings in the image of all the gods. To do this the gods gifted the First with the talisman of creation a mythical item that had the power to create life. The First performed this task diligently for many years, before something changed. You see the First is made up of the essence of all gods, good and evil alike. After years of creating life, and watching that life war and fight against each other, either over territory, food, or precious stones, the First started to become full of hatred. Hatred towards the creatures it was forced to create, towards the plane it was obligated to live on, and most of all towards its creators, the gods, for giving him this horrible task while they gallivant across the multiverse creating other planes and warring among one another. This Hatred blossomed, fueling the Firsts dark sides pushing him to declare war on the Gods.

You see after creating Thesa and the First, the gods went their separate ways to create their own planes, created solely in their own images. 18 planes in total were created outside of Thesa, paradise’s for their respective God, while the First was forced to toil on a plane he despised.

The First, full of hatred had had enough, he traveled to Ellysium, the world of Pereladro, and considered to be the ultimate paradise. The First hid him self from the gods and started to plan his revenge. Armed with the Amulet of Creation the First started to create beings of unthinkable evil, while at the same time performing a ritual that would permeate dark magic through out the core of the plane transforming the world into his image, an image of evil and hatred.

Once detected by the gods, they moved to put their creation back into his place. This is where the so called divine, perfect beings realized they had made a very mortal mistake. For you see, an essence of a god can not be destroyed by the god that created it. Something about that God putting a part of his essence into the being stops the god from harming it, and since the First was created with the essence of all gods he was effectively immune to the power of the divine.

The only choice the gods now had was to create other essences and other mortal beings to combat the First and his now legion of dark creatures.

This war went on for decades, with both sides gaining Advantages and suffering great losses at different times through out the war.

The two side were in a deadlock and there appeared to be no end to the carnage until in the twilight of the war, a small group of soldiers and essences of the divine created a new ritual that they believed could destroy the First.

With battle raging around the group of 18, one representative of each God, the ritual was completed, but with one complication. As the energy from the ritual was about to surround the First, a ripple in that energy could be felt, a ripple so strong that it threatened to unravel the energy created by the ritual, while at the same time being completely untraceable. This ripple in the energy was very obviously a double cross by one of the 18, as only one of them could affect the spell in such a way. It is believed to this day that the deceit was a direct order from the culprits God.

As powerful and well timed as the treacherous ripple of energy was, the other 17 through shear force of will were able to complete the ritual and destroy the First.

To this day, it is unknown who caused the treacherous disruption in the spell, but that has not stopped the gods from accusing one another, creating rifts among different members of the pantheon that have lasted until this day.

As for Ellysium, it never recovered from the Firsts dark magic, which now dominates the plane once know as a paradise. The realm is now inhabited by evil beings and dark energies, causing the plane to have a new name, the Shadowfell.

This one event is the start of our story, for after this event, five of the 18 vowed to never let any plane succumb to this fate again. The representatives of Perelandro, Solinari, Eqella, Callo Androno, and Rurga formed a group that would fight against all events that would, or could, cause the destruction of another plane.

Based on the plane of Outlands in Sigil, the city of doors, the five created the Sigil Holy Armageddon Response Team or S.H.A.R.T. A group of ever vigilant heroes who use the power of Oracles to respond to, and quell potential realm altering threats.

~The Watcher~

Sigil's Holy Armageddon Response Team

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